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NanoMeld delivers Small-Denier-Fiber to fit your fiber and coating needs. 


Product Development

Nonwoven and paper lines have a tremendous obstacle when needing to do product development.  No one wants to stop production for R&D.

NanoMeld offers offline coating capabilities to test solutions, coatweights, and fiber types without impacting your in-house production.  We determine the small denier fiber coatweight parameters needed to hit your product standards and can deliver that recipe back to you for in-house production.

Toll Coating  &  Converting


It's not always beneficial to make big machinery changes for an unproven product or market.

NanoMeld offers off-line toll coating and converting to seed your markets with your next generation offerings without impacting your current production demand.  We convert and deliver your nonwoven and paper products direct to your customer and translate that operating capability back in-house when the market is proven.

NanoMeld also offers on-line toll-coating and joint-venture opportunities to reduce shipping costs and increase manufacturing flexibility.

Value Add Solutions


Are you looking to improve the MERV efficiency of your nonwoven with minimal impact to pressure drop and cost?


Do you want to enhance the functionality of your liner board while reducing coating cost?


NanoMeld's proprietary fiber and coating solutions offer an unparalleled capability to your nonwoven and paper substrates. 

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